Thursday, February 25, 2016


Gentlemen's Agreement

Mayall Room, Tuxedo Cat
11pm til Sat Feb 27

Melbourne stand-ups/comedians Nick Caddaye and Lisa-Skye are an odd couple. I mean, they are not a 'couple', but they are indeed odd. This two person sketch comedy show has some great juxtaposition between straight laced order of grumpy Caddaye and fluro haired Anarchy explosion Lisa-Skye's boundless enthusiasm. There is a bit of light audience participation (nothing to worry about) and a great line-in really well prepared sketches and ones where the wheels could fall off at any moment. I'm loathe to break down the particulars of any sketch shows performance but a trip over the River Styx and the fine products of Gary Gazebo, were highlights for me. Both performers are from Melbourne were their reputations are huge. Lisa-Skye is fast building a loyal fan-base in Adelaide and Caddaye is so fantastically likable despite his 'gruff' personae that he is doing the same. There is only a couple more shows, so do yourself a favour.  


Late Night Numbers & Letters
The Science Exchange (Exchange Place, Adelaide)
9:30pm til Sat Feb 27

The SBS TV show Numbers and Letters was much loved and clearly is still missed. Based on the UK show Countdown which is currently in it's 73rd season, it's a game show where people have to find words in collections of randomly selected letters and do maths equations with similarly random numbers while racing against the clock. It's the geek/nerds perfect game show. Now add comedians (and often alcohol) and you have Late Night Numbers & Letters. Returning for it's third year, Late Night has found an eager audience of dictionary challenging wordsmiths and calculating mathematicians. Hosted by lovable Melbourne curmudgeon, Nick Caddaye with guest comedian dictionary guardians and contestants each night, Late Night Numbers & Letters manages to stay close to the originals format and intent, while being utterly hilarious at the same time. Unlike the TV show there are actual prizes to be won. The Science Exchange is tucked away in Exchange Place in the city (enter from Pirie Street). 


Greg Fleet
These Things Happen
Rhino Room Beer Garden
7:30pm til Sunday Feb 28

There is something special about seeing Fleety at the Rhino Room. People may know that Rhino, Adelaide and the Adelaide Comedy Family has played an important role for Greg Fleet in the last few years. An environment that has helped him cope with his demons, be a safe and nurturing home base  at times and help spur a jag of creative output from an incredibly talented man. In the last couple of years Fleet has written and performed an award winning play (This is Not a Love Song), appeared in a great Zombie Movie (Me & My Mates Vs The Zombie Apocalypse), created a great TV show about the Australian comedy scene (Die Standing Up) and released an amazing memoir (These Things Happen) and continued to do great work as a stand-up comedian. The show tonight (which shares it's name with the book), in the intimate Rhino beer garden, is a great example of his masterful story telling.  Not afraid to tango with uncomfortable truths (of which he has many), Greg Fleet is a funny bugger and takes us on a bumpy roller coaster ride of vignettes from his life, observation and self examination. It's structure is more theatrical than straight stand up, there is much that is hilarious, but it works as a complete piece with the audience enraptured til it's completion when they erupt with heartfelt ovation. A sterling slice of masterful comedic work. Highly recommended.