Thursday, March 3, 2011




Have I made it perfectly clear how much i like DEAD CAT BOUNCE yet? Well I do. If I could book them to play at every significant event for the rest of my life i would do so. Both of their shows are amazing (even better now the sound in the Excess tent at Gluttony has been fixed - now you can hear all the jokes!). Bootlegs is such massive fun. It's a tough night to do it Mondays at 10:30pm. It is a school night after all, but seriously if you love music and love to dance make a date for this Monday (March 7th) - Last one boys and girls. Last Monday the tent was rocking from the get go and they had a couple of special guests joining them on-stage. Long time PINK FLOYD bass player GUY PRATT , a man who has played with Madonna, Michael Jackson and countless others, is also doing a show down at Gluttony. He joined Jimmy, Mick, Damien and Shane for a killer version of Sugarhill Gangs Rappers Delight for which Shane took lead vocals (with lyrical assistance from his iPhone). See attached video!

Later on during the fantastic set of mash-up party songs, Pratt came on stage to collect his bass, but was convinced to do a second number, so while they played a funky version of Call Me Al, Shane was basically ejected from the band for the duration. They debuted a brand new mash up which was mind-blowing. A mixture of Thunderstruck, Standing In The Way of Control, Bonkers & Barbara Streisand. It was At the end of the show the man who fixed the PA, a friend of the band from Scotland took over on the drums and Damo lead the band through an INCREDIBLE version of Killing In The Name Of. So impressive was it that Mr Pratt, who has seen some top notch things in his time, was at the front applauding screaming "THAT WAS AMAZING!". It is the best party in town and I can't begin to tell you just how much fun you will have if you get to Gluttony on Monday for their final Bootlegs session for the Fringe. Be there.

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