Thursday, March 3, 2011




Rhino Room Upstairs

8:30pm til March 12 (no Sun or Mon)

Hannah Gadsby has all the hallmarks of a world class, gifted and classic stand up comedian. She looks funny. She is whip smart. She has immaculate timing. She is a great comedic writer. She has a completely captivating way with her well constructed stories that are often at her own expense. From the moment she hits the stage she has the whole audience in the palm of her hand. Which, considering much of the show concerns her awkward social skills and desire to spend time alone, makes you wonder why pick such a public and often brutal career. The answer is simple; Gadsby was born to be a comedian. Like last years Cliff Young Shuffle, Mrs Chuckles has Gadsby proving the adage ‘Comedy is truth plus pain’ and serves up a beautiful dish of her insecurities, longings and failings. Along the way she takes you on a well rounded and hilarious journey. What do you do when the object of your desires turns out to be weirder than you thought you were yourself? Hannah has an incredible comedic weapon in her arsenal too. She can break up a room with the tiniest facial expression. A crooked smile, a blink or a raised eyebrow. It’s a skill Barry Humphreys uses to perfection, and Gadsby's deadpan delivery means when she pulls these considered facial treats out, we are richly rewarded. It’s a fantastic hour to spend with one of this countries finest talents.

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