Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Rhino Room
8:30pm til Feb 26

For the last five years Dave Callan has been the much loved late night host of Triple J’s Saturday night Graveyard Shift. His audience ranged from the cute and playful to utterly deranged. People came to know regulars like Snake Farmer Charmer and hold them in great affection. However a great deal of his audience were in the middle of their Saturday partying activities and for some reason instead of concentrating on the business of getting wasted they often thought it a good idea to ring a national radio station, wait in the queue for ages and then talk the most bizarre nonsense to Dave Callan. Dave’s warm and interesting and interested demeanour meant even when being thrown the most random comments in all of randomland he was able to make it into excellent radio. His current Fringe show RADIO GAGA is a testament to both his audience and his talent as a fast thinking comedian (and part time weirdo juggler).

Like his last show O+> (The Sign for Women), Radio Gaga is all based on the weirdness of the reality of his late night radio career. There are lots of ‘you couldn’t make that up’ moments, as Callan plays clips from his show that has to be heard to be believed. There are calls from parallactically drunk people, bush poets and one guy who tell Dave in earnest that he was abducted by aliens with strange consequences. All linked together with Dave’s infectious enthusiasm and asides such as examining musical acts who aren’t what they say they are “Groove Armada – Are not an Armada in fact don’t own a single Spanish Galleon” and so forth. With amusing visuals to help things along, and strong sales for most of his season, get in quick while you can.

Ian Bell

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