Tuesday, February 22, 2011




Excess Tent


(Corner East Terrace & Grenfell st)

Monday Nights 10:30pm

I quite like Gluttony as a venue, but it’s a bit like Siberia to most people (they have no idea where it is), even though it is really very close to the garden. If you head south along East Terrace from the Garden (i.e. away from North Tce) walk past the Fringe Club and you’ll see the Gluttony site across the road (Grenfell St). It would be a really smart move to work out where it is, because there are some awesome acts playing there this Fringe. Not least of which are Tom Binns (doing two different and fab shows) and Adelaide’s favourite Irish comedy rock band DEAD CAT BOUNCE.

Last year DCB were a festival sensation and this year they are doing two different shows, their actual show (Caged Heat) and their BOOTLEGS set. If you don’t understand what a musical mash up is, give me a minute to explain. A mash-up is where a DJ takes two songs let’s (say Sweet dreams by the Eurythmics and Seven Nation Army by the White Stripes) and weaves them together to make something new (Seven Sweet Dreams of the Army). When this is done well it is fantastic fun and will get the dance floor pumping. DCB’s bootlegs is a dance floor frenzy inducing mega blast. Played entirely live by the talented four piece band, they slam through countless musical matches from the bank of party favourites. During the rollercoaster party there are songs by Franz Ferdinand, Michael Jackson, Simian Mobile Disco, Black Box, Lenny Kravitz, Fresh Prince, AC/DC, Britney, Kylie, Guns’n’Roses, Starship, MGMT, Daft Punk, Haddaway, Huey Lewis, Lady Gaga, The Police, Christina, Doors, Paul Simon and dozens of others ; all mixed together in a big bowl to create the best party punch ever. It only takes a few minutes to get the entire tent (which earlier this night had Hip Hop legends De La Soul rockin’ the place) on their feet and dancing their pants off. Last year they did Bootlegs a few times (notably on the balcony of Nova when they shut down by the police Let It Be style), but you just had to be in the right place at the right time. This year the right time is Monday nights at 10:30pm at Gluttony.

Ian Bell

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