Tuesday, February 22, 2011



The Precise History of Things

Bosco Theatre

Garden of Unearthly Delights

8:45pm til March 13

In 2006 I first saw SAM SIMMONS for the first time with his show Tales From The Exotic Cat. I loved it to bits and returned several times during his Fringe run, bringing new converts with me each time.

Each new show from Simmons has been a delightfully off-kilter surrealistic romp.

With his latest show THE PRECISE HISTORY OF THINGS, I doubt I will have the luxury of returning for multiple viewings as the season is doing amazing numbers and often has the Sold Out sign out front of The Bosco theatre. This is in no small part because Simmons has well and truly nailed it this time round. Using many of the tools from previous shows; cartoons, music, dances, songs, props and unlikely talismen (Old El Paco Taco Kit anyone?) Sam’s rapid-fire lunacy is utterly infectious and beautifully executed. In the past a slight mistake by the sound technician could stuff up a gag and throw Simmons off, but whoever his tech is this run is doing a brilliant job hitting his mark perfectly on what seemed like hundreds of musical and lighting queues. The premise of this show is that he got people to write to him and ask him questions which he answers in a variety of ways. Simmons is in complete control of his chaos and is a commanding presence on the stage. I’m not sure if it is actually a precise history of anything in particular, but I can tell you Sam Simmons is precisely one of the best shows at the 2011 Fringe. Get to it if you can get a ticket

Ian Bell

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