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Rhino Room

til March 18th

It's a bit hard to explain UK comedian Andrew O'Neill to the uninitiated. Well he's a comedian. He's really funny but loves death/black metal. Oh yeah and he's a transvestite. None of these things should stop you going to see Alternative. Absolutely the best thing I've seen him do, and I've liked everything I've seen him do. He takes the piss out of himself and various other subcultures ("Some fat girls got cold legs tonight by the look of these red velvet curtains"). He sings weird little songs, tells great stories and even when the show hits an awkward bump in the middle, his recovery is so professional and charming that no harm is done. The bump? He asks somebody to turn their bright phone off and they reply "I'm recording". O'Neill replies "That is the worst possible thing you could have said" and is astounded as the rest of us that he then has to explain why it not alright to record his work without his permission. HE bounces back stronger than ever. Last years show has some bits that were a little too dark for some people, but this year Andrew O'Neill, black metal tranny stand up has well and truly nailed it.

Ian Bell

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