Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Lindsay Webb


Rhino Room

til March 18th

I see a lot of stand up comedy. A lot. Much of it is okay to very good, much of it is patchy, with good bits and not so good bits. Every now and again you come across a stand up who is head and shoulders above the pack. A comedian who is in complete control of his material and his audience, who interacts with people and takes the show in unexpected directions and is consistently funny for their whole set. A comedian who writes great gags, who is extremely likeable on stage and who can break up an entire room with a single facial gesture or even a pause. A comedian who is at the very top of their game. Lindsay Webb is such a comedian. This Brisbane comedian is nothing short of a complete pleasure from start to finish. He has great jokes that catch you off guard. Great timing and the fact that something like 14 Fringe judges came to see his show (the average is four) means he is a good contender to be walking away with some of this years Fringe Awards. If you can still get tickets you'll be glad you did!

Ian Bell

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