Friday, March 9, 2012




Funny Pork


8pm til March 10th

Playing your Fringe show in a tent (in this case Funny Pork) in a noisy garden venue (in this case Gluttony) can pose some problems for the most seasoned of Fringe veterans. Extraneous noise from show rides, vendors flogging hot dogs, even bleed form other shows in progress. James McCann is one of my favourites of the new wave of Adelaide comedians who I suspect will have a long and interesting career in the comedic world. Awaiting My Moustache is his first Fringe show and he's off to a really strong start.

It's a brave move to start your show by announcing it has been cancelled and is being replaced by an Avant-Garde theatre piece. It is of course James, who makes an unusual entrance, before 'revealing' it was him all along! His material is smart and his on stage boy/man personae extremely likeable. He has extremely funny material about the Rundle Mall street preachers, being a student, growing up and interactions with the opposite sex. He does seem to lose his in the middle, with the aforementioned outside noise a clear distraction derailing his narrative briefly. But it is only this same noise that provides him with his best ad lib of the night when he pauses for a second, a disembodied voice from another tent declares clearly "He's a lovely little performer", James nods in the direction of the voice and says "Thank you very much!". The voice was correct by the way. Not much of his season left, so bump him up your list of shows to see.

Ian Bell

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