Wednesday, February 29, 2012



Mostly Glitter & Girls

Rhino Room

7pm & 9:30pm Sundays & Mondays only til Mar 12th

Sell out seasons in 2010 and 2011 have already proven that Adelaide's Burlesque Beauties have carved a place in Adelaide's heart. Their new show Mostly Glitter & Girls continues this success with a show that is classy, sexy and extremely funny. Outside the venue Svetlanka Seczskittenya is teetering around on impossibly high (and terrifyingly studded) heels, cracking a bullwhip to let the audience know it is time for the show to start. Upstairs the Burlesque Beauty girls are already in the room as the audience enters, each is a vision in lingerie, masks and fans. When the girls take the stage for their first number (Katy Perrys Peacock), they are soon joined by bearded Irish funny man Dave Comedy whose facial expressions while attempting to join in the dancing are worth the price of admission by themselves. Callan, the reason the show isn't called 100% Girls & Glitter, acts as host and MC and introduces the talented BB ladies as they take the stage.

Gorgeous blonde pin-up girl Miss Lolly Dolly get's things off to a traditional burlesque start with a sensational and classic fan dance. Reigning Miss Burlesque Lyra Le Belle & Bollywood temptress Radha Leigh are the powerhouse duo behind this tassle twirling troupe of talented performers. They work really well together and alone. There are afro'ed disco dancing, Leigh's Bollywood number is amazing and Le Belle's playful Lion Sleeps Tonight routine is the true essence of burlesque. There is sometimes confusion about exactly what the difference between burlesque and stripping is. They both have girls and music and there is often disrobing, but the simple answer is burlesque is more about the suggestion than the pants off full frontal nudity of the stripper. There is humour, playfulness in burlesque and it's more about being sensual than sexual. Don't misunderstand me, the girls are all breath taking and they each bend and move in ways that have pulses racing, but it's never smutty or crass.

Guest performer Luna Eclipse from fellow Adelaide burlesque troupe Peaches and Gin rocks the roof off the Rhino with a perfect Genie routine, full of great comic timing, knowing over exaggerated winks and tassels that seem individually powered no matter where they are stuck. The finale has to be seen because it will simultaneously blow your mind and split your sides. Adelaide should be really proud to have such a world class troupe of talented ladies based here.

They have shows at 7pm and 9:30pm every Sunday and Monday til the end of the Fringe at the Rhino Room.

Ian Bell

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