Friday, February 17, 2012

SAMMY J & RANDY - The Inheritance


The Inheritance

Umbrella Revolution

Garden of Unearthly Delights

Feb 17 - Mar 18

One of the true joys of a new Fringe festival is knowing Sammy J and his felt faced pal Randy will return for a new adventure. The last couple of years in particular they have become un-missable. Their rapid-fire banter is incredibly well crafted and hilarious, their staging inventive and full of surprises.

Randy has inherited a fortune, a mansion and a bad attitude towards people below his new found station, including his long time flatmate Sammy J. But there are some ghosts in the closet (or fireplace whatever) and there are twists and turns aplenty. The audience seems to have some new recruits possibly as SJ&R have been on the TV a lot more this year and I did wonder how some of the newbies were handling some of the saucier language. Part of the joy of watching these two work together is that they are is such perfect sync as performers that when there is a huge crash of bottles outside, or one of them has trouble with a prop they swing off script together and swing right back. Did I mention the songs are excellent?

The P.A. in the Umbrella seems somewhat muffled on opening night, meaning some of the machine gun quick lyrics are lost in the mix, but hopefully this was a teething problem that will be fixed for the rest of the run.

Looking forward to both solo shows by Sammy J and Randy.

Ian Bell.

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