Sunday, February 26, 2012



Doing Stuff

Rhino Room

Season Ended

Triple J favourite Tom Ballard tells us his show is about politics but we shouldn't worry because ".the usual dick and gay jokes you have come to expect from a Tom Ballard show will still be here." And they are, but Doing Stuff turns out to be more textured than you might think. It is a show as much about sexual and personal politics as it is about the other kind. I saw this show the day Rudd resigned and this was manna from heaven for a political comedian. Over an hour he covers the Labour leadership spill, gay marriage and some very disturbing tales of the grossest gay sex acts, both in general and his own specifically. Are they gross - OH Yeah they are, but the point is not that they not gross acts because they are between same sex participants. They are just flat out hilariously disgusting no matter who was involved. I'll spare you the details, trust me it's better that way. Ballard is fantastically likeable on stage, his material is really strong, cleverly written and delivered with boyish charm from a terrific performer.

Ian Bell

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