Sunday, February 19, 2012




Le Cascadeur

Garden of Unearthly Delights

8:30pm til Mar 18th.

It says in the Fringe guide about this show, "For a hedgehog to stay warm, it must endure pain through physical contact. For a hedgehog to stay unharmed it must endure loneliness.".

What it should say in the Fringe guide is "Felicity Ward has written a beautiful, finely crafted and piss funny Fringe show about putting yourself out there after a break up".

For the last three Fringe's Ward has been putting on great shows, with each growing and becoming more rewarding than the last. With Hedgehog Dilemma she has again bested herself. Felicity enters the stage wearing what should have been her wedding dress and over the next hour tells about her own Hedgehog Dilemma. What do you do when you break up with a long time partner. Before you can ask how yourself how you can ever love again, you have to ask yourself how you will ever get out of bed again? So how do you get back in the saddle. It's different for everybody and it can be a painful journey. Felicity Ward shows us that it can also be an hilarious one. She deftly combines excellent writing, stage craft and performance skills with a story that is seriously funny and very moving simultaneously. Don't think I'm saying it's a heavy message show because it is a very funny show, but it does have more emotional punch than your average stand-up gig. Felicity has exceptional rapport with her audience and even though it's opening weekend I am comfortable in saying this will be one of the best shows you could see in Fringe 2012.

Ian Bell

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