Saturday, February 25, 2012


MICKEY D - So How Ya Been?

The Hunting Lodge

Garden of Unearthly Delights

10pm til March 18

Local boy Mickey D made a name for himself through high octane 'wasted' performances and being an party enthusiast. He lives in England these days, he's a new dad, he's shed some poundage and is looking like a new man. In short he has really got his shit together. The effect on his comedy is that he is on-point, sharper, quicker and funnier than ever and this current show is possibly the best thing he's ever done. The audience who loved his earlier personae are mostly regular Aussie's (translation : bogans), some of whom insist on drunkenly yelling thing out like "Good on ya Mickey!". However Mickey is an absolute master of crowd interaction. He rolls with the punches and chats with the punters, skillfully jagging off in all directions, before getting back to the script. He impresses some British chaps in the front row with a series of bang on impressions of various English accents. But while much of this show still harks back to familiar themes of bogans, bikies, alcohol and drugs (his recreation of gurning ecstasy users is one of the funniest things you'll see all Fringe), subtly there is another Mickey D in the house tonight. He talks about living in England, being married and having a baby. He's still not beyond a piss-funny urinal gag, but our boy is growing up and we all reap the benefits.

Ian Bell

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